Sunday, October 11, 2015

Brian Guidry and Monica Zeringue at Ferrara

Brian Guidry's rigorously executed abstractions have long suggested meditations on symmetry and surprise, harmony and heraldry, nature and manipulation. But now there are some new approaches like Cool Down Active where buoyant, floating forms and randomized textures suggest a larger role for the laws of chance. All hell breaks loose in Absolute Zero as free-form pigments blast forth from an invisible seam in space, and if the colors are pure Guidry, their serpentine ripples convey an expansive aura that makes the over five foot canvas seem bigger than it is. Formal order is restored in the purple, green, gold and fuchsia tones of Serenity Amp, above, where mystical geometry vibrates to the rhythm of  textured, Shroud-of- Turin-like markings that look almost like they might perform an electronic music requiem if scanned.

It is always around but you can't always see it. Its presence ebbs and flows; it can be big and bloody, or barely visible and pale as driven snow. The moon is linked to madness and witchcraft--as well as to women, so it fits neatly into Monica Zeringue's Goddesses and Monsters series where female figures mingle with lunar mysticism. In Narcissus, above, a Zeringue-like nude gazes into a puddle of water and sees herself reflected as the full moon. Rendered in graphite, this luminously cool self portrait flanked by a series of detailed close ups of the moon rendered in graphite and dark beads on white primed linen. Blood Moon, depicted in deep crimson oils, beads and hair, is more dramatic and personal, as is Flesh Moon with its bodily aura of warm, moist organs secreted deep within the body. But Cusp, above left with its decorous white pigment, gold beads and flowery red wallpaper, evokes otherworldly harmony. Post Tenebras Lux, above, transforms her own visage into a vertiginous reflection of the ever shifting phases of the moon in a new example of the old mystical adage: "as above, so below."  ~Bookhardt / Invisible Ping: New Paintings and Collages by Brian Guidry; Absence and Presence: New Paintings and Drawings by Monica Zeringue, Through Oct. 31, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, 400A Julia St., 522-5471.