Sunday, March 30, 2014

New New Orleansisms: Kalegate Revisited

Always sticklers for "getting it right," the rebellious citoyens of La Nouvelle Orleans -- or at least the subculture of ad hoc psychogeographers who follow such things -- felt compelled to rebut certain quotes of questionable provenance in a recent New York Times story regarding the availability of kale in the Creole metropolis, among other issues of epochal cultural import. The stories referenced below, both from the esteemed investigative news organization known as The Lens, insightfully and astutely summarize the seismic sensibilities implicit, and explicit, therein:

C. W. Cannon:  "The fault line under New Orleans is rumbling again. It acts up every few years, but it’s different than most fault lines since the people who monitor it nationally are always new and always seem to think they’re the first ones to have discovered it... Until they acknowledge the New Orleans that existed before they got here, they will simply be colonialists, imposing whatever their uninformed and youthful imagination wants on what they falsely perceive to be a blank slate. More>>

Adam Karlin: "Here, the Community comes with the Wild. Here – and I’ve never seen this anywhere else – the Wild bends to make this home a better place for our children. We embrace the eccentrics the rest of America rejects, but not solely for the sake of their eccentricity. It’s for the promise that they will use their idiosyncrasies to improve our community... My old neighbor – a lawyer who walks his dogs every morning wearing only his pajama pants and the gray chest hair God gave him – may be a kook, but he is also a community organizer who makes great crawfish enchiladas while always looking out for his block." More>>
Photo, above, by The Lens co-founder Karen Gadbois