Sunday, February 16, 2014

Carnival as Liberation Movement

Sailing the Ship of Fools: A Carnival Trilogy
By Claire Tancons

"...Carnival is the missing link between Capitalism and Slavery and it is worth reiterating that Carnival, Capitalism and Slavery is a triadic historical, cultural and political combination worthy of continued investigation. So what if Carnival, like the Ship of Fools of old, set sails toward uncharted territories, and called at previously inhabited locales only to make landfall in otherwise strangely familiar landscapes?

"...Sailing the Ship of Fools: A Carnival Trilogy pursues this longstanding investigation into the modernity of Carnival, the contemporary uses of the carnivalesque and the topicality of both Carnival and the carnivalesque as performances of protest and demonstrations of dissent, artistic practice and interventionist action. This trilogy of carnival projects is the pendant to an ongoing reflection on Carnival’s many turns. It provides the basis for a re-reading of Carnival history..."  More>>   
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