Monday, February 24, 2014

Anybody Know This Guy? Nola Photographer Charlie Varley Snags Banksy Art Heist Attempt in Marigny

UPDATE March 6, 2014: Would-be Banksy 'Umbrella Girl' thief has been identified by the NOPD as Christopher Sensabaugh of Los Angeles. He was seen allegedly trying to remove part of a concrete block wall painted by the elusive British graffiti artist after Hurricane Katrina. Varley's photos of the near-theft appear below. More>>

Caught red handed by New Orleans photographer Charlie Varley, the suspect replied: 'I'm moving it to the Tate Modern!' Read the Daily Mail account: "What a 'private art handler claimed when caught removing an original Banksy from a New Orleans wall: A suspected art thief has been photographed trying to hack a Banksy - potentially worth thousands of dollars - from the wall of a rundown building in New Orleans. The man, who identified himself only as Chris, claimed he was a 'private art handler' moving it to the Tate Modern art gallery in London for an upcoming retrospective in April. The world famous gallery insisted no such exhibition was scheduled, when contacted by MailOnline."  More>> DailyMail   More>> Varleypix