Friday, March 15, 2013

Geopsychics: New Orleans/Berlin/Japan

Our Berlin Correspondent, Helene Thian, is a longtime resident of Japan and Berlin.

Welcome to Japonica Strasse
by Helene Thian

Japonica Street is in New Orleans. Japonica Strasse is a liminal space in Berlin, Mitte, a transfiguration of Japonica Street. In Japonica Strasse, nostagia for Japan lives side by side with memories of the City That Care Forgot known as New Orleans. This is only possible because Berlin is, like New Orleans, a city risen from the swamp for "berl" means "swamp." Japan also has many swamps, or, "numa" (沼). Swampy, memory, Japanesey, Germany. Welcome to Japonica Strasse. Wilkommen bei Japonica Strasse.