Sunday, February 24, 2013

Conceptual Art in Portlandia

For what it's worth, we found this video mildly amusing.

Related: Although we strongly disagree with author Julian Spalding's blanket dismissal of conceptual art as an idiom (see link below), he has his moments, especially in his comments about Picasso's use of hands and intuition. Discovery, mystery and what might be termed "the wisdom of the hands" are too important to be dismissed, which is why we feel that much conceptual art today appears so programmatic as to seem sterile if not stale. Any art that overuses ratiocination, or syllogistic thought, at the expense of imagination and the senses, will find itself at odds with modern neuroscience, which emphasizes rational functions in concert with intuition and the senses as the basis of consciousness. Too much conceptual art suffers from a sterility of ideas derived from socio-linguistic philosophers whose findings, while often useful within their own sphere, were never intended for art making. Too much, certainly--but not all! So while we  cannot support Spalding's sweeping conclusions, he nonetheless raises some insightful points in his discussion of these issues in: Con Art