Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reclaiming Animism: Arts Academics Discover What New Orleans Has Always Known: Everything is Alive!

"Science may be described as a general conquest bent on translating everything that exists into objective, rational knowledge. In the name of Science, a judgement has been passed on the heads of other peoples, and this judgement has also devastated our relations to ourselves—whether we're philosophers, theologians, or old ladies with cats. Scientific achievements, on the other hand, require thinking in terms of an “adventure of sciences.” The distinction between such an adventure and Science as a general conquest is certainly hard to make if you consider what is done in the name of science today. However, it is important to do so because it allows for a new perspective: what is called Science, or the idea of a hegemonic scientific rationality, can be understood as itself the product of a colonization process." More>>    (This article appears in: eflux 36)

Editor's note: We question the nomenclature of the above critique, but not its essence. The problem is not "science," but the pseudo-scientific rationalistic cant that pervades contemporary critical culture. More to the point is Cornelius Borck's Animism in the Sciences which concludes that “voodoo is perhaps precisely where science and technology are heading," even as Harry Garuba's treatise on Animism, Modernity/Colonialism, and the African Order of Knowledge insightfully and incisively recontextualizes its historical perspective. Recommended.