Sunday, July 8, 2012 Sinking Fast -- New York Times

"When (Advance Publications') Times-Picayune of New Orleans got around to offering jobs to some of its employees in its lower-cost digital news operation — the print newspaper will come out three times a week — many of the more prominent staff members took a look at the business plan and said, 'No thanks...' ...Advance Publications is making huge moves in some of the 25 cities where it publishes newspapers, most notably in New Orleans, where it is spending the summer reducing the staff. Advance’s regional Web sites have generated traffic and have active forums, but they are a miserable place to consume news. Balky and ugly, with a digital revenue base below much of the rest of the industry, they seem like a shaky platform on which to build a business. Recent traffic trends are not encouraging. According to Nielsen, The Times-Picayune’s site,, had 639,000 unique visitors in May compared with over a million a year ago." More>

New Orleans to Newhouse: Sell the Times-Picayune!

Newhouse to New Orleans: No way!