Friday, June 15, 2012

Texas Critic: St. Claude's Stephen Kwok "Sincere"

A thoughtful review by Carrie Schneider via Glasstire

"...In Focus, in which Kwok takes a walk about, hammer in hand, camera focused on hammer. The ground blurs past in repeated concrete patterns, cracks, sediment, pebbles -- all become a kind of white noise, at times transcendentally lovely. I watched “Focus” through more than twice, and after twenty minutes I had some real dissociating moments with that hammer, the way when you repeat a word over and over again it becomes unfamiliar. I kept thinking “If all you have is hammer every problem looks like a nail.” I can’t tell if Kwok is deliberately working with clichéd sayings in his videos in the same way he uses clichéd materials in his sculptures and clichéd images in his prints, but I couldn’t get them out of my head..."  More>>