Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Secrets of the CAC Revealed, Sort of...

"Turmoil at the Contemporary Arts Center:  High-profile departures, membership woes and New Orleans artists in open revolt..." 

The headline spells out a double dose of trouble in boldface type. And it's hard to dispute because Gambit staff writer Charles Maldonado got most of it nailed down like a well made scaffold. So is it the whole story? Of course not, but according to Maldonado it was as much as the notoriously secretive art center would allow. The bigger picture is that under the leadership of board president Robyn Dunn Schwarz the CAC is actively addressing the deficiencies, and more from her and Strategic Plan director Allen Eskew might have painted a more positive portrait, but it does perform the useful task of itemizing what needs to be addressed, and that is always the first step toward putting any person or institution on the road to recovery. All in all, it's an oddly intriguing piece. Read all about it: Here