Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Newhouse to New Orleans: Get Lost!

Simulated laughing simian Steve Newhouse, New Orleans' Public Enemy Number One, lays it on the line: “We have no intention of selling no matter how much noise there is out there.” Of course he's not going to sell, the longtime Newhouse vassal press known as the Times-Picayune has always been a cash cow. It is  profitable still, just not as profitable as it once was. To Staten Island based Newhouse, who obviously hates New Orleans, the message is clear: gut its great news department, print it only on its three most profitable days, and make it  subservient to the nation's worst newspaper web site, Nola.com, a wart on the world wide web. Never mind that the city and its business leaders made it clear that the TP must be published daily or be sold to a publisher who will. To laughing Steve, the city that has lined his pockets forever doesn't count. Nice. Off with his... More>> 

The Times Picayune reports on being butchered alive by its criminally insane owner as stunned staffers and citizens watch in horror: More>>

"Ricky Go Home! Print the Picayune every day or sell it to somebody who will." New website aims to run Newhouse hired gun publisher Ricky Mathews out of town on a rail: More>>

A great Atlantic piece on the Newhouse plot to destroy the T-P: Here

A polite showdown on PBS NewsHour pits T-P editor Jim Amoss against NY Times' media correspondent David Carr: Here

New Orleans civic and business leaders slam T-P cutbacks: More>> 

Three Day Times-Pic "Unsustainable"--Warren Buffett--More>>

Save the Times-Picayune: Sign the petition at change.org