Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Blindsided"--CAC Crisis Foretold, Part of Pattern

In her article Blindsided? CAC New Orleans and Organizational Crises in the Art World that appeared in the Texas art blog Glasstire two days ago, Claire Ruud reflected on an article she had written last year that raised warning flags about the CAC's financial straits. In Blindsided she says: "...among all nine of the organizations I considered, CAC New Orleans stood out for the dangerous picture painted by its financial data. At the time, I wrote that the CAC’s numbers 'freak me out....' So, there were no surprises regarding the CAC’s particularly troubling financial situation when artists removed their work to protest an exhibition’s temporary closure for rental purposes and the director resigned, prompting Gambit’s thorough coverage of the signs of mismanagement that have been visible at the CAC over the past couple of years..." More>>