Saturday, February 4, 2012

Krewe du Vieux Considers Crimes Against Nature


Krewe du Vieux, New Orleans' earliest and most satiric Mardi Gras marching parade, styles itself as a hybrid of the original, small scale Creole carnival processions, and the later, more spectacular float parades that rose to prominence in the 1850s. Traditionally, their approach has embodied a slapstick form of guerrilla theater, often taking potshots at political figures, but now that we no longer have Ray Nagin or George Bush to kick around anymore they have reverted to reform for this year's Crimes Against Nature spectacle. The title refers to the archaic term for sodomy under Louisiana laws regarding solicitation for prostitution, and a recent reform effort was aimed at getting all such offenses treated equally. Although some of the sub-krewes expanded their interpretation to include oil spills and even the Arab Spring, the sodomy statute was the major meme, and this year's queen, Deon Haywood, has been the legendary leader of the reform effort. More>>