Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Wall Street Stole the Soul of American Art


Ever wonder how the vapid hacks and madcap manipulators who cornered the New York and London art markets got to the top and and stayed there for decades? Mark Taylor in Bloomberg offers this incisive autopsy: 

"Neither Jeff Koons nor his art gives any hint of the irony and parody that lend Warhol’s art its edge. While Warhol’s work unsettles, Koons’s art is crafted to reassure. Unapologetically embracing banality and freely admitting his ignorance of art history, Koons sounds more like Joel Osteen than Marcel Duchamp: “I realized you don’t have to know anything and I think my work always lets the viewer know that,” he once told a reporter. 'I just try to do work that makes people feel good about themselves, their history, and their potential.' What is surprising is how many seemingly intelligent and sophisticated people have been taken in by this erstwhile stockbroker." More>>