Sunday, September 11, 2011

15th Annual No Dead Artists at Jonathan Ferrara


Of late, New Orleans in general and St. Claude Avenue in particular have become something of a national epicenter of DIY emerging artist activity, and in some ways it really is kind of extraordinary. But it is also a phenomenon with deep roots tracing back to those institutions and galleries that focused on emerging artists all along, not just in the present. In that sense, the 15th annual NO DEAD ARTISTS show at Ferrara marks a continuation of an old tradition. As always, it is something of a grab bag. The 37 works were selected by jurors Toby Devan Lewis, William Morrow and Susan Taylor from the roughly 1500 submitted by over 300 artists, and viewing them is like reading tea leaves as portentous trajectories of talents and trends converge to reveal names and ideas that, if history is any guide, may later resurface with increasing luster. More>>
Click Images to Enlarge--Top: Eva Sintamarian: Every Object is Modified by One's Look; Meg Turner: Market Street Power Station;  Rebekah Miller: Skins; Leslie Lyons: Girdle; Alissa Polan: Yael. 
NO DEAD ARTISTS: Juried Exhibition of 14 Emerging American Artists, Through Sept. 24, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, 400A Julia St., 522-5471;