Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swoon's Musical House

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 Musical Architecture for the Bywater by SWOON, Taylor 
Shepherd, Jayme Kalal, James K, Patrick Murray-Nellis
This  model represents a landmark, interactive, public sculpture by the artist Swoon. Swoon’s design is inspired by local architecture and New Orleans musical heritage. To that end, the building itself will become a musical instrument. Swoon’s local collaborators are mechanical artists who will build musical devices into the structure of the building that engage its resonance and form. Levers, pulleys, buttons and pedals will allow visitors to “play” the house.

Swoon is a celebrated street and installation artist known for intricate handmade boats that have floated the Mississippi, the Hudson River and most recently the Adriatic Sea and the canals of Venice during the 2009 Biennale.  As with the boats, the focus for our musical house is on salvaged materials, artistic and community collaboration, functional environments and interaction that involves sound and performance. The house will reside on Piety Street in Bywater, where we intend to present an ongoing series of annual block parties that host local and national musicians for orchestrated works that will be performed using the musical architecture of the house. The building will also be used as a unique artist residency space for artists participating in Airlift projects. The ground floor will function as a multi-use space for exhibitions, performances, and lectures that serve the wider community. A series of Swoon prints on found wood are available for sale with proceeds going towards the project. For more information on print sales or volunteer opportunities, contact info@neworleansairlift

The New Orleans Airlift would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for their ongoing support:  Wayne Troyer Architects,  Miranda Lash, Contemporary Curator, NOMA, The Old City Building Center, Tulane University, The New Orleans Arts Council, The Louisiana Decentralized Fund and the Black Rock Arts Foundation.