Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mysteries of the Saturn Bar Revealed

O'Neil Broyard and former Saturn Bar resident artist Mike Frolich

by D. Eric Bookhardt
Dateline: Sometime in the 1980s

No doubt about it — something was happening in the back room of the Saturn Bar. While bursts of hammering did not disrupt the clubhouse atmosphere of the legendary 9th Ward repository of exotica, curiosity seekers did occasionally stroll back to see what owner O'Neil Broyard was up to.

"Whatcha doin', Neil? Installin' insulation?" asked a red-faced man in white overalls.

"Nah," replied the owner from atop a homemade scaffold. "This is gonna be a mezzanine art gallery. That's why I got extra help at the bar. I been tryin' to work on this art gallery all afternoon." Read More>>