Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Action Alert: Severe State Arts Funding Cuts Proposed

Urge House Appropriations Committee to Reinstate Arts Grants Funding!

Please take three minutes to contact Committee Members NOW. Just go to  www.lparts.org Insert your Zip Code in the box under Take Action: Write Your Legislators.  Click "GO" and you will be taken to the ALERT page. Under State of Louisiana, click Take Action. You'll see the action alert at the top of the page and as you scroll down, you will see the MESSAGE to the members of the House Appropriations Committee. Scroll down to the Sender Information, If you have never sent a CapWiz message, you will need to complete the information requested. Once this is done, just hit "send message" and you're done! Don't forget to forward this message on to all your friends and other arts advocates. Remember, with your help we were able to have the arts funding reinstated last year. We NEED everyone's help again this year to do it again! Below is a detailed explanation of the current situation. Read More »

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