Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yow!--Yau Smacks Saltz for Fawning Over Koons

John Yau's overly personal Brooklyn Rail attack on Jerry Saltz for his fawning over Jeff Koons is bitchy and embarrassing but very Right On. It's about time somebody called out the smarmy Boy King for the simple reason that he embodies so much of what is wrong with contemporary art. And besides, nobody outside of New York really likes him. The essence of Yau's critique is this little zinger:  

Koons is the kind of male child both the art world and commercial culture prefer because even though he is spoiled, he is also ambitious and productive. In this regard, he is no different than the CEOs and real estate barons who buy his work, or the curators or critics who lavish him with praise. One of the reasons Koons's work appeals to them is because they see in it a reflection of their own narcissism.  Read: The Difference Between Jerry Saltz' America and Mine